One More Book Podcast


Let's get together for a Book Meet Up, a chance to chat about our latest reads and discover new favourites! 

Come join us at DEE-LOUNGE, MUNDSBURG CENTER, 11am-3pm on July 6th, for a fun-filled time of book discussions, book swapping, sharing recommendations & meeting fellow book lovers. Whether you are into fiction, non-fiction, romance or mystery, carry a copy of a book that you would like to swap with a fellow book lover & carry a 'new to you' book back home with you. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with like-minded individuals & expand your reading list. We will also have a surprise author book reading & a special performance. 

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. See you there!

One More Book Podcast

There's always one more book on your 'To Be Read' List and you are wondering if it's worth it. Am here to tell you that it is, maybe you can even listen to me rambling on about it by listening to the Podcast everywhere where Podcasts are available.

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About me

I am a Kenyan living in Germany, who loves all things creative & wine.  Books & Fashion are my first loves though I have to admit that they often switch places depending on my mood. As an English-speaking person living in a non-English speaking country, I miss talking about the English books that I have read & building some sort of connection with others who find themselves in the same predicament. So, this is some sort of 'online book club' that is borne solely of my 'selfish' need to connect with other book lovers with the hope that you might just end up loving each episode & decide to stay :).

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